Nationwide Consultant & Investigation
Police Practices & Policy  
Premier Group PI, Inc.  License 27142


  • Investigate and assist with defense of Federal, State and local jurisdiction casework involving potential criminal, civil and administrative allegations pertaining to law enforcement policy and procedure.

  • Deployment of technology and security management proficiencies to protect employees and clients.

  • Defend complex insurance claims, worker’s compensation fraud, personal injury and risk management.

  • Risk management mitigation of threats to soft and hard target-infrastructures.

  • Strategic level analysis from intelligence community, law enforcement and private sector.




Consultant/Case Preperations/Interviews



Defense service on behalf of law firms, insurance carriers, public agencies, private business and non-profit organizations.  

Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation 


Defense of complex worker's compensation cases for insurance carriers, law firms, public agencies, private businesses and non-profit organizations.

Private Investigation

Private Investigation 


Cases involving criminal, civil, internal affairs, audits and reports.

Courthouse, Courtroom Experience


Expert Witness  

Specialized case knowledge, proficiency and expertise in particular fields of law enforcement policies. Courtroom testimony and report writing.



Police Policy

 Police Policy


Law enforcement subject matter expert, jail policy, pursuit policy, arrest & control policy and officer involved shooting poicy.

Active Shooter Scenario

Active Shooter 


Run, Hide, Fight seminar training for active shooter scenarios.  This training is  for all businesses,

faith based organizations, and