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     Established 2007
      Benjamin Warren, CEO
  Private Investigator Licensed by State of California, 
       Bureau of Security & Investigative Service,
     License  No. 27142
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Chief Executive Officer, Premier Group Private Investigations, Inc., 2007 to present. 


Provide professional defense as an expert witness, consultant and investigator on behalf of law firms, insurance agencies, public agencies, private businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations.  


  • Expert case preparation

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Depositions, interrogatories and administrative forum

  • Complex investigations of a criminal, civil or administrative nature

  • Consultation and research of administrative investigations involving standardized police practices, Peace Officers Standardized Training (POST) and agency policy/procedure

  • Officer-involved shootings, in-custody death, excessive force, hostile work environment

  • Complex Worker’s Compensation cases, with related Occupational Safety and Health Administrator (OSHA), Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) investigations.


Provide case work preparation involving:

  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 26 (a)(1)

  • Part 1 and Part 2 criminal investigations

  • Law enforcement policy, tactics, lethal and non-lethal force

  • Excessive use of force under color of authority

  • Internal investigations and audits

  • Hostile work environment and sexual harassment

  • Pursuit policy

  • Police training

  • Traffic investigations

  • Jail operations/policy/procedure

  • Interview techniques 


Provide investigation for State of California, State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) Worker’s Compensation and other cases conducted on behalf of public agencies, such as State of California Police, private businesses and non-profit organizations.




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