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Provide professional defense as an expert witness, consultant and investigator on behalf of law firms, insurance carriers, public agencies, private businesses and non-profit organizations.  Provide clients with case preparation of depositions (hostile/not hostile) and interviews for cases involving criminal, civil, police policy and procedure and complex worker's compensation cases. 



Provide investigative work and case preparation involving: Part 1 and Part 2 crimes; criminal investigations;law enforcement policy; use of force, tactics, lethal and non-lethal force; excessive use of force under color of authority;internal investigations and audits; hostile work environment and sexual harassment; pursuit policy, police training; traffic investigations; jail operations; jail policy/procedure, court case preparation and interview techniques. 

Corporate/Small Business/Private Person


Deployment of technology and security management proficiencies to protect employees and clients. Risk management mitigation of threats to soft target-people, and hard target-infrastructures. Defend insurance claims, worker's compensation fraud, personal injury and risk management. State of California, State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) Worker's Compensation and other cases conducted on behalf of public agencies, such as State of California Police, private businesses and non-profit organizations.  Provide the following training seminars: Active Shooter-Run, Hide, Fight and Identity Theft/Fraud.  Provide follow up with Threat Assessment of soft and hard target for people, businesses, places of worship and non-profit organizations.  

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